NOPE: Jelly Slide Puzzle Adventure - Find the Way

NOPE: Jelly Slide Puzzle Adventure - Find the Way

NOPE is a slide puzzle adventure game where the player moves a jelly from one obstacle to another to reach the final destination. This is a challenging game where players have to think and try various options available to reach the endpoint.

There are hundreds of levels available in this game and the level difficulty increases with progress in the game.

Our Work:

  • Drafting of Game Design Document (GDD)

  • Art and Animation Design

  • Game Programming

  • Ad network integration

  • Quality Analysis and Testing

  • Development of a Level Editor for the game

  • The ability for the client to add unlimited levels

  • Managing the listing of the game on PlayStore and AppStore along with App Store Optimization of listing content.

Tools & Technologies

  • Unity
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Photoshop
  • Unity Animations