Mahabalipuram - City of Monuments in Tamilnadu

28 Jun 16 06:34:33

In spite of the latest flood fury in Chennai, the temple town of Mahabalipuram — situated 60km from the city — continues to see pilgrims flocking to this UNESCO heritage site in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. Constructed with formidable finesse by the Great Pallavas in 7th century BC, Mahabalipuram symbolises the confluence of Indian history, geography and ancient Indian economy. Historical relevance of Mahabalipuram dates back to the ancient days of Sangam literature and Bhakti movement that flourished here, eventually contributing to the development of Dravidian architecture in Tamil Nadu. History shows that traders and communities such as the Chettiars from down south travelled to parts of South East Asia, from the ancient port of Mamallapuram (as Mahabalipuram is also known). Mahabalipuram is famous fpr Shore Temple , Five chariots dedicated to Pandvas,etc. The Shore Temple is the last monument built and was built from the top to the bottom, unlike most others in general.

Hardik Dubal

World Explorer