Maui - Hawaii

28 Jun 16 11:58:09

Maui is renowned worldwide for many things; its beauty, its atmosphere, its history, and its never ending supply of pristine beaches, waterfalls, Maui tours, landmarks, snorkeling in Maui, and gardens - just to name a few. It's a wonderful place for a Hawaii vacation. There aren't a whole lot of places in the world you can go and experience all you can on the small island of Maui, Hawaii. What's more, is the fact you can access nearly all of Maui by vehicle. The roads literally skirt the edge of Maui's coastline all the way around, figuratively speaking in a large sideways "8" shape with each circle of the eight a mountainous volcanic landform. Many people famously say, 'Maui no ka oi' which means, 'Maui is the best' - and for good reason. If watching the sunrise from atop a 10,000-foot volcano, swimming under waterfalls, hiking through craters and luxuriating on white-, red- and even black-sand beaches sounds like paradise, then Maui awaits. Dubbed as the tallest waterfall on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Honokohau Falls is a two-tiered natural beauty standing tall and proud at a height of 341 meters however some sources claim it to be at the height of 487 meters. It is no wonder that this natural wonder was featured in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ as it recreated and lent a feeling of a striking otherworldly place. The famed Honokohau Falls are named after the long Honohokau stream, a river that flows starting from the summit of Puu Kukui. With its magnificent view, Honokohau Falls is a must-see spot while you are in Hawaii however don’t be fooled by its beauty as getting there is not as convenient as you think. Honokohau Falls is inaccessible by car and hiking so the only way to get to this beautiful part of Maui is by booking a helicopter/chopper ride.

Hardik Dubal

World Explorer